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Tina Rospond, a 30+ year veteran of the packaging industry, joined The BoxMaker in 2010 and currently serves as Branch Manager for our Portland, OR location. Working with clients in northern Oregon, this branch provides packaging for a variety of businesses in this booming region – including many growing breweries, exciting tech startups, specialty foods, retail goods, and more. We recently sat down with Tina to learn more about the unique aspects of her marketplace and what the Portland branch has been up to.


How long have you been with The BoxMaker, and what roles have you played?
I have been with the company for seven years. I started as the Spokane Branch Manager, and moved to Portland in 2012 to serve as Branch Manager here.

What do you enjoy most about packaging and display?
After 30 years in the packaging industry not much surprises me, but the possibilities that are developing with personalized packaging are truly amazing! It is an exciting time for the packaging industry, and I am so excited that The BoxMaker is at the forefront of this movement.

What types of businesses do you primarily work with out of your branch location?
We work with a variety of businesses, including many in the food and beverage, electronics, and outdoor goods industries. We also partner with several design agencies to bring their clients’ packaging to life.

What are some specific needs of the Portland area’s packaging market and how does The BoxMaker address those needs?
Portland is big on sustainability and buying local. We have been in Portland for 36 years and our main product line, corrugated, is a great sustainable product. Our printing inks are either water- or soy-based, and we work with our clients to avoid over-ordering. In the past, many companies would have to over-order their packaging volume based on a price point and then scrap obsolete inventory. By using lean principles and ROI analysis, we can partner with our clients and help them to avoid this pitfall by right-sizing their purchases.

What do you wish more businesses knew about The BoxMaker?
This question makes me chuckle. Although we speak often of our full capabilities with our clients and prospects, they may not fully comprehend the scope of The BoxMaker’s offerings until they have a need. So, I guess my wish would be to call us, ask us for anything, and I guarantee you will be surprised at the scope of what we have available to serve your needs. We are so much more than our name implies.

What packaging or industry trends are affecting your market and how? How can businesses leverage/benefit from these trends?
Personalization and variable data is huge for brands of all sizes right now. With our investments in digitally printed graphic packaging, our clients can personalize each touch point with their customer from the store signage, floor and truck decals, retail displays, boxes and labels to the shipping container. It’s all about brand awareness and brand loyalty – consumers have enough choice, and now they demand an experience.

What recent projects have been your favorite to work on, and how have these make an impact for your clients’ businesses?
My current project is with a major brand that manufactures soft goods that are well known around the world. They have partnered with several movie studios to create a co-branded offering between their product and popular movies in the form of a licensed and numbered specialty soft good. Digital printing allows them to incorporate imagery from the movies into their packaging, which brings the entire customer experience to life in the retail aisle.

What developments at The BoxMaker are you excited for in the 2nd half of 2017?
The innovative workflows that we are developing for our clients help to automate our processes and get projects to print faster than ever. This not only delivers a speedy product, but it also delivers time to our clients – time that they can use to focus on their business and grow rather than managing a tedious packaging project. This is a priceless thing to provide in today’s NOW environment.


Thank you for sharing, Tina!

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