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Ensuring a product moves from point A to point B safely is a major concern for our clients. When it comes to sensitive electronics, The BoxMaker has extensive experience with the variables of packaging electronic products for proper shipment, inspection, and storage ahead of installation.

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Packaging Foams & Protective Packaging Solutions
Packaging foams come in all shapes and sizes and surface protection can take place in many forms, but it all comes down to the product presentation and the impression it leaves on your end customer. Safely packaged products produce happy customer experiences. If you’re at all concerned about damage, cushioning, blocking and bracing, fragility, corner/edge protection, or foam sustainability – you’re in good hands!

Our foam fabrication division utilizes many varieties of open- and closed-cell foams to design and fabricate product-specific interior protection:

  • Green Cell Foam® (GCF) – 100% biodegradable
  • Extruded and Expanded Polyethylene (PE)
  • Extruded and Expanded Polyurethane (PU)
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Foam In Place® (FIP)
  • Specialty Foams (Crosslinks, EVAs, IV foams, conductive foam, blends)
  • Cold Chain Packaging – Thermal Sensitive Design, Polystyrene molded coolers, 6-piece Liner Sets in Styrene or Green Cell Foam®
  • Korrvu® Suspension and Retention
  • Hexacomb®
  • Airguard Customized Inflatable Packages

At The BoxMaker, we design and fabricate custom end caps, edge and corner profiles, abrasion protection, void fill, and structural and weight protection. We also work with Sealed Air to offer Foam In Place technology, a customizable solution to electronic packaging. Foam-In-Place is a specific handling of polyurethane foam where two liquid urethane compounds mix together and expand to create a solid substrate. This results in a protective, hard, foam encasing. Let’s use an example – often times, a company offers an assortment of different product bundles for shipment:

  • Bundle A has a set of 2 speakers, a USB cord, and an adapter
  • Bundle B has a set of 4 speakers, a USB cord, an adapter, and a remote
  • You can also purchase any single item

The company needs to customize shipments to meet each customer’s unique order while ensuring the protection of their fragile products. Foam In Place offers the flexibility to personalize each shipment according to a unique order.

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What About Sustainability?
We understand that many businesses today are concerned with the environmental impact of their packaging and want to make responsible choices. Our team of award-winning designers are more than happy to seek out sustainable solutions whenever possible for your project. Eco-conscious solutions include designing custom corrugated inserts for your product or choosing an environmental foam option, if appropriate for your application:

Green Cell Foam
Green Cell Foam is made from high-grade, non-GMO cornstarch and extruded into planks using water instead of blowing agents (gasses). The materials used for this product are sustainable, and the end product is biodegradable and compostable for earth-friendly end-of-life disposal. These properties also make it a natural desiccant and give the material thermal properties, making it a more sustainable alternative to Polystyrene used in 6-piece liner sets to keep shipments cool in transit.

This material is mostly used for: cushioning; blocking and bracing; end caps and corner guards; 6-piece liner sets; and eco-friendly alternatives to polystyrene, polyethylene, and polyurethane foams.

Deliver Your Product and Brand Promise
As an aggregator of packaging materials and equipment, we can work with you to develop a unique packaging solution to best protect your electronic product. If you have questions about a specific electronics packaging project, please contact our award-winning team of designers today.

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