Supply Chain Risk Mitigation – Are You Protected?

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One of the greatest joys of being involved in the packaging industry is developing packaging designs that protect our client’s product throughout the shipping cycle. Many of the computer, electronics, and medical products we develop packaging solutions for are sensitive to shock and vibration. Not only are our clients concerned about aesthetics, pack size, functionality, and price – they also need to be confident their packaging is cushioning and protecting their products.

During packaging development, we do our best to anticipate the potential hazards that await our client’s boxes during handling and transportation. We can utilize one or more of the ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) testing procedures, or employ less sophisticated testing methods, such a pushing the package down a flight of stairs or kicking the package off a loading dock! But, after we’ve done our due diligence in regards to pack design and testing, what else can we do?

We can help prevent the risk of damage loss during handling, storage, and transportation with impact monitoring solutions with products from ShockWatch®. Impact indicators and drop sensors from ShockWatch® provide a cost-effective solution to reduce loss due to package mishandling. Impact indicators raise awareness that special handling is required, and indicate when improper conditions have occurred. ShockWatch’s® condition-based monitoring devices and impact solutions enable you to reduce damage-related costs and strengthen your reputation for damage-free delivery.

Another area of concern for many of our clients that ship sensitive large products in crates is the potential for these crates to be tipped or knocked over. ShockWatch® also carries on a complete line of tip and tilt sensors (TiltWatch®). These sensors continually monitor and/or report the conditions products are exposed to during transit, storage, and operation.

Our sales and design team at The BoxMaker is trained to consult with customers on not only the development of effective packaging solutions, but we can also provide supply chain monitoring solutions to keep our transportation and distributor partners honest!

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