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Lean Services

We’ve had many clients ask us how to reduce costs. They’re spending too much money and time in their supply chain on packaging processes and supplies, and can’t sustain their current practices while meeting demand.

We can help by redesigning your current packaging to use less material, better protect against damage, reduce labor hours, and streamline your entire throughput within your organization. Our team of lean experts will visit your facility first-hand and conduct a lean evaluation. We will talk through your entire process and pick out the exact elements of production where you can save on cost and time. We’ll then help you implement those changes.

Supply Chain Evaluation

Supply Chain Evaluation BoxMaker

The BoxMaker is a proud member of AFFLINK, a single-source network of packaging, facilities, safety, food service, office supplies, and industrial MRO products. As an AFFLINK member, we are also a facilitator of ELEVATE, a unique web-based process developed to help evaluate and improve clients’ business processes.

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Our Lean Culture & Practices

6S Practices

One key to efficiency is organization.  To help achieve this The BoxMaker employs the concept of 6S:

BoxMaker 6S Lean

The results of implementing 6S at The BoxMaker are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized waste
  • Created a safe environment
  • Increased morale
  • MaSimplifies co-worker training
  • Increased teamwork


The Principles of 6S:

  1. Sort: Throw away any unused or unneeded items and store any items used infrequently – once a week or less – in a designated location elsewhere. Place valuable, rarely-used items in storage.
  2. Set In Order: All that should remain now are items used on a regular basis. Place these in locations that allow easy access. Labeling locations can be extremely effective, allowing any user to know exactly where to replace items after use.
  3. Shine: Keep the area clean and clutter-free. Place trash and recycling bins close to areas that generate trash. Keep cleaning supplies available where they are used most frequently. Keep aisles, rows, and/or desktops clear of unnecessary items and paperwork. Remember that clean equipment runs more efficiently and lasts longer.
  4. Standardize: Create repeatable standards that can be applied to more than just a single area or machine. It is useful to have someone regularly audit these areas and machines to ensure compliance.
  5. Sustain: After completing steps 1 through 4, it’s vital to sustain the changes you’ve made. The management team must  provide the time and resources to support 6S efforts with co-workers, and co-workers must engage with each other and the management to apply and maintain the 6S philosophy.
  6. Safety: Although already a byproduct of sorting, setting in order, and shining, safety includes thinking and seeing your environment in a different way. Safety could be as simple as clearing a walkway or as complex as cleaning and repairing a piece of floor equipment.


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