Unboxing Green Packaging:

Crafting Sustainable Solutions with The BoxMaker

Join our panel of BoxMaker experts as they unpack the various ways that brands can improve the sustainability of their packaging through strategic decision making, thoughtful structural design, and responsible sourcing.  

Brand managers and marketers seeking practical insights to make impactful, eco-friendly packaging decisions they can immediately apply won’t want to miss this webinar!



Mike Jerome

Enterprise Sales

Kelli Schenck The BoxMaker

Kelli Schenck, CPP

Structural Designer

Tim Meehan The BoxMaker

Tim Meehan

Supply Chain Manager

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Sustainability Can Mean Many Things

Learn how to evaluate what sustainability means for your business...and what that means for your packaging!


Sustainability Comes in Many Forms

From choosing curbside recyclable materials to reducing CO2 emissions through vendor selection, sustainability objectives can be met in many ways.


Your Packaging Provider is Here to Help

Learn how to lean on the experts and work alongside your custom packaging provider to ensure your packaging program meets your sustainability goals.