Portait of Gary Stiles

Gary Stiles

Enterprise Sales – Portland, OR

Gary Stiles has been in Enterprise Sales since 2000. Prior to sales, Gary worked in operations for more than 20 years. He’s held leadership positions in pricing, purchasing, and inside sales. What Gary loves most about packaging is the endless learning opportunities the industry offers. There are always new products and enhanced technologies on the horizon to keep things interesting. Gary’s two-pronged strategy for serving our clients is to listen more than he speaks and to communicate with transparency because he believes strong customer relationships are built on honesty and integrity. His favorite industries to work with are cannabis, consumer packaged goods, and retail.

Portland offers the unique experience of working in a large city with a close-knit, small-town feel. Gary loves being able to get to the beach or the mountains in two hours. In his free time, Gary enjoys reading John Grisham novels, spending time with friends and family, yard work, and watching true crime shows and movies.

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