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Questions about custom labels? Looking to learn about retail displays or shelf-ready packaging? You’ve come to the right place. Industry experts share their knowledge and passion about a variety of topics relevant to your business. Join us for an upcoming in-person event or one of our live webinars.

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At BoxMaker University, you can learn on your schedule! Check out our library of on-demand Packaging 101 webinars available whenever you choose to watch. Class is always in session!

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How to Design a Retail Display that Stands Out

How to Design a Retail Display that Stands Out

Use the R.O.A.R. method to design a corrugated retail display that is reliable, on-brand, appealing, and relevant to your target audience.

March 22, 2023  | 3 min read
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The 3 P’s of Great E-Commerce Packaging
The 3 Ps of Great Ecommerce Packaging

The 3 P’s of Great E-Commerce Packaging

Learn the 3 P's of great e-commerce packaging: Protecting the product, promoting the brand, and pleasing the consumer.

February 21, 2023  | 2 min read
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How We Created an AR Product Packaging Experience in 72 Hours

How We Created an AR Product Packaging Experience in 72 Hours

Learn how to quickly add augmented reality experiences to your corrugated boxes using Displai AR software.

November 2, 2022  | 5 min read
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Packaging Guides

We’re corrugated box manufacturers that are out-of-the-box thinkers. Our Packaging Guides help you strategically grow your business with advice on improving your supply chain, optimizing your facilities, increasing sales, and so much more. Check out the go-to playbooks for boosting packaging performance.

Guide to Digitally Printed Packaging

This guide explores the possibilities of digital print and how you can leverage this technology to transform your brand packaging and supply chain, including:

  • What is digital print, and why is it different?
  • Print what you want, when you want, how you want
  • Digitally printed packaging innovations
  • Planning your project timeline and budget

Designing Effective Ecommerce Packaging

This guide identifies key factors in creating ecommerce packaging that delivers a memorable and positive brand experience, including:

  • Packaging materials and sustainable packaging choices
  • Right-sized packaging and delivering the experience
  • Connecting with your customers using print

Optimize Your Packaging Supply Chain with Digital Print & Production

This guide outlines key benefits of digital print and how they help transform your packaging supply chain, including:

  • What is digital print, and why is it different?
  • Scaling to any order size
  • Easy management of artwork changes
  • Packaging replenishment on your schedule

Inkjet Design Mastery

This PDF guide details the ins and outs of designing for digital print and preparing files for digitally printed packaging, including:

  • How digital print files are different from flexo or litho-lam files
  • Guidelines on preparing artwork files for digital print
  • An easy-reference checklist to simplify digital print file prep

3M Food Processing Facility Guide

This guide explains how your team can stay focused on current and future goals when you rely on 3M products to cover the essentials in your food processing facility, including:

  • Tapes and equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Safety measures
  • Filtration needs
  • Streamlined communication

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