Uncork Success: 5 Ways to Grow Your Wine Club with Creative Packaging

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May 18, 2023
Uncork Success: 5 Ways to Grow Your Wine Club with Creative Packaging

Growing your wine club membership is crucial for the success of your business, and one of the most effective ways to attract and retain members is by leveraging custom wine packaging.


This blog will guide you through five strategies to enhance your club’s appeal with creatively designed packaging:


1. Tell Your Story

Your brand story is not just a marketing tool - it's a relationship builder. Wine Club Members want to know more than just the taste of the wine; they want to feel connected to its journey.


Share your history. Whether your vineyard has been producing wine for five years or fifty, incorporate your brand's roots into the design of your custom wine packaging. This sense of legacy can foster a stronger connection.

Inspire with what sets you apart. Do you have a tagline or motto that perfectly encapsulates your brand? Incorporate it into your wine packaging design. This gives your members a constant reminder of why they love your product.

Show off your people. Make each shipment feel personal by featuring different team members on your custom packaging. Who are they, what is their role, and how do they contribute to the product? This personal touch can bring your members closer to the people behind their favorite wine.

Invite a closer look. Include authentic pictures from your vineyard and operations on your packaging to give members a visual of where their wine comes from.


2. Build Community

Wine is best enjoyed in good company. Facilitate this by giving your Club Members access to an exclusive online community where they can connect with fellow wine lovers.


Use a QR code on your custom wine packaging that grants them access to this private group. Share tasting notes, pairing ideas, exclusive offers, and foster a sense of community.


3. Include Tasting Notes and Pairings

Help your members get the most out of each bottle by providing tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Instead of including these as a separate insert, print them directly on the wine shipper box. High-resolution images of recommended pairings can further enhance the experience and cement your brand's value in the minds of your members.

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4. Create a Virtual Tasting Room Experience

Bring the tasting room home to those Club Members who live too far away to visit.


Produce short videos for each of your wines and curate them into playlists for each shipment. Include a QR code on your box or labels that links to these playlists, allowing your members to have a personalized tasting experience right from their living rooms.


5. Increase Convenience with a QR Code Link

Facilitate a smoother journey for potential and existing members by making it easy for them to join or manage their benefits. A QR code on your packaging that leads to your Wine Club page or a profile login on your app can increase engagement and make it easier for members to make purchases.

Custom printed wine packaging is a powerful tool that can help grow your wine club membership while also enhancing the experience of existing members. The strategies above can help you get started, but there's still more to explore. To delve deeper into how to leverage packaging to build your wine club, download our guide, "10 Ways to Increase Wine Club Memberships and Loyalty with Custom Printed Packaging".

When you’re ready, The BoxMaker is here to partner with you. Learn more about our custom wine packaging offerings here.


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