Cannabis Packaging Labels & Labeling Requirements

Cannabis manufacturers need to pay careful attention to each state’s labeling rules and regulations. Your label needs to communicate warnings, ingredients, expiration dates, recommended dosage, contact information, and other vital information.

Applied Plant Sciences Labels The BoxMaker

As the government works out legislative kinks, labeling will change. This will cause endless headaches for companies investing in expensive print plates and tooling and as monitoring inventory obsolescence. The BoxMaker can help relieve that pain with our digital printing capabilities. Digital print production makes updating labels easy and inexpensive. This method doesn’t require print plates and artwork can be changed as easily as uploading a new file. Obsolescence needn’t be a huge expense to your business needs.


Cannabis Packaging Variety & Supplies

Product variety in this industry is ever-expanding. Jars, shippers, bottles, folding cartons, and security pouches are just a few examples of containers for your entire product line. With competition changing in these emerging markets at breakneck speed, the importance of winning brand recognition is more critical than ever.

Cannabis Packaging


Childproof Packaging

In addition to sealed, airtight containment, cannabis products have the additional need for childproofing. The BoxMaker features a range of flexible childproof packaging, including specialized one-time-use containers for this unique industry.


Packaging Design for Cannabis

With so many new products flooding the shelf, it’s important for any business in this industry to step up their design game. Most manufacturers haven’t been in business long to establish brand recognition, so consumers often end up relying more heavily on price and packaging to make their decisions. The package’s design, graphics, and relevancy will put your product, instead of your competitor’s, in the consumer’s hands.


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