Health and Beauty Packaging Solutions

Packaging helps your product stand out from the hundreds of other health and beauty products on the shelf. The BoxMaker can help you develop a comprehensive plan that addresses each element of packaging to protect your product and promote your brand.

The BoxMaker is your all-in-one packaging partner in the Pacific Northwest and beyond fo

  • Product Labels
  • Custom Folding Cartons
  • Branded Master Cartons and Shipping Boxes
  • Retail Displays and Signage
  • Sales Kits
  • Promotional Displays

In addition to packaging and display products, The BoxMaker can add value to your health and beauty packaging projects by supplying product fulfillment and distribution services.


Pressure-Sensitive Beauty Product Labels

Regulations in the health and beauty industry are constantly changing. Brands often need to update labels and packaging to meet the latest standards, while incorporating unique packaging designs that support product differentiation.

As a label specialist, The BoxMaker can accommodate special label requirements such as water-resistant and colorfast labels. We offer a wide range of substrate offerings to help you achieve a high-end look and feel for your product label, while offering brand security and tamper-protection. With attention to detail, we ensure that the final result is correctly printed with ingredients, direction for use, SKUs, and appropriate warnings.


Point-of-Purchase Retail Displays

Connect with consumers, enhance brand recognition, and increase your sales through point-of-purchase (POP) retail displays. Standees, pallet wraps, and countertop displays are just some of the ways The BoxMaker can help your product stand out in the highly competitive health and beauty space. Integrate your latest marketing messaging or customize your campaigns by region – it’s all possible with the power of digital print.


Master Cartons & Shippers

Custom master cartons are essential for minimizing shipping costs, preventing damage during transit, and minimizing packing labor. Master cartons are designed specifically for your brand with the strength necessary to protect products during the distribution process. They require little to no extra packaging materials or void fill because empty space is virtually eliminated. Case packs can be customized with your branding, so potential distributors are exposed to your brand (and know what’s inside) before the product even reaches the shelves.
Not every brand has the need or means to keep a full staff on hand for fulfillment projects. We can support distribution and fulfillment from one location, as a part of our integrated packaging services.


Beauty and Brains: Digitally Printed Packaging

By leveraging the latest digital print technologies, The BoxMaker can produce the exact quantities to fit your business objectives. Align your product packaging with short-term marketing campaigns, such as special events, limited-edition product launches, seasonal promotions, and more.


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In the health, beauty, and wellness industry, well-designed packaging is not only a necessity — it’s a competitive advantage. Appearance aside, your product packaging must also be efficient, functional, and convenient to benefit your bottom line. Work with our Packaging Advisors to make a statement in the health, beauty, and wellness aisle. Schedule a consultation today.