Small Business Challenges

  1. Cash Flow –We know surplus funds can be tight at times and the last thing you want is to be sitting on several months of inventory. We have developed several options for keeping both custom and stock supplies on the floor specifically for your needs, so you only get invoiced for what is shipped to you.
  2. Many-Hats Syndrome – Small businesses often have one person in several key roles. It’s not uncommon to see an employee take on the customer service, purchasing, receptionist, and office manager duties. The BoxMaker doesn’t sell just one line of products—we are a one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs. The last thing this employee wearing multiple hats needs to be doing is calling 5 different vendors who each supply a few items. You have the ability to get your custom or stock corrugated shipping boxes, labels, tape, bubble, hair nets, gloves, janitorial supplies, and more from one source who will ensure you are getting a quality product at a fair price.
  3. Managing Growth –Your product is placed in a standard white carton with a one-color label on it that you print in-house, followed by a master case that is a stock box. This worked great for the first couple of years and the investment was minimal, but now you recognize that you need a professional package to be considered in the larger retail outlets. Where do you start? The BoxMaker has seasoned professionals in all areas of packaging to help you every step of the way. Our structural design department creates custom solutions specifically for your needs, and our digital print team can create prototypes or short runs of labels, folding cartons, POP displays, shippers, case packs and more that can be used in marketing meetings and test groups. These prototypes mirror the end-result you are looking for and takes the guess work out of what the final product will look like without spending thousands of dollars upfront. When it comes to making a decision on the production run we have you covered there too—if we don’t manufacture the product in-house, we have solid partnerships with multiple vendors so we can be your trusted go-to company for your packaging upgrades.
  4. Client Dependence –Often, small businesses get trapped in being successful by having over 50% of their volume coming from one big client. This can be precarious way to run a business and sometimes it is hard to take the steps to diversify. One way to appeal to a larger or different market is to start another label or brand, or change up what you are doing currently. Our sales team consists of packaging professionals who can advise you on current trends and creative solutions all while giving you an honest opinion on the direction you are looking to go.


Fantastapack: Online Custom Packaging at Any Scale

Go 100% Digital: The BoxMaker now provides web-based, customized digital packaging solutions through Fantastapack. Order your boxes and provide your artwork online to have your final product shipped within 10 days!

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Partnering with The BoxMaker

The BoxMaker’s digital production technology allows us to generate quick customization that can help establish your brand and showcase your graphics. We can digitally produce your packaging – an easy and economical solution that results in high-quality packaging and helps rather than hinders quick turn-around and company growth.


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