What is Digital Print?

Digital print is a direct printing process, where ink is applied straight onto the substrate. Digital differs from traditional print methods such as flexography or litho lamination, which utilize print plates and a series of cylinders to transfer the image onto the board or material. Because no print plates are required, digital delivers many benefits including speed, quantity control, and print quality.

Digital print is available from The BoxMaker for corrugated boxes, retail displays, labels, and more.

Digitally Printed Packaging


Why Choose Digital Print for Packaging?

Digital printing delivers benefits to the brand, supply chain, and consumer – some of which analog methods simply can’t. Being free from the limitations of print plates, which can only print one color at a time, means that digital delivers in the full CMYK color spectrum without additional effort. Digital print also achieves gradients and detail effects without the registration challenges that print plates can present. Another benefit is skipping the wait time and cost for custom print plates to be manufactured, resulting in lower setup costs and a faster timeline to begin production on your project.




Print what you want…



when you want…



…how you want!


The 6 Benefits of Digitally Printed Packaging

  1. No Minimum Order Volume: Digital production supports short-run customization, test marketing, and reduces obsolescence.
  2. Print Direct to Board: Digital production revolutionizes the time it takes to go to market by streamlining print production, freeing up more time for ideation.
  3. Variable Content: Digital production supports brand owners looking to increase profitability with customized relationship marketing.
  4. Prototyping: Fast-cycle prototyping produces proofs that reflect final product quality with 100% accuracy.
  5. Speed-to-Market: Just-in-time production improves capacity utilization, lowers work-in-progress inventory, reduces out-of-stocks, and streamlines the supply chain.
  6. Improve Your Environmental Profile: Print what you want when you want, reducing redundant prints and media waste.

The BoxMaker's Guide to Digitally Printed Packaging

Leading the Way in Digital Print Production

As a leading provider of digitally printed packaging, The BoxMaker empowers brands by supplying cost-effective and quick-turn solutions to companies of all sizes.

We proudly operate the region’s largest Digital Production Center for packaging and display, featuring a range of machinery to produce custom wide-format corrugated, label, and carton products.

Our Digital Production Center features:

  • HP PageWide C500 Press: The C500 delivers offset quality print at mainstream production volumes, making the benefits of digital print available at scale. Learn more here.
  • HP Scitex 15500 and 17000: Two high-volume HDR (High Dynamic Range) wide-format corrugated presses
  • HP Indigo 6800: A high-performance narrow web press that combines productivity, quality, and intelligent automation
  • Digital Cutting and Finishing: Our digital CAD tables deliver an automated die-less finishing system for packaging and point-of-purchase displays

Through our partnerships with industry-leading machinery providers such as HP and Zund, The BoxMaker is committed to remaining at the forefront of digital print for packaging and will continue to make investments that deliver a competitive edge to our clients.


Stay ahead of your competition. Way ahead.

Speed to market is critical – and The BoxMaker Digital Team can get you there. Our automated Packaging Management System (PMS) streamlines the whole process, and when paired with the ability to print direct to substrate, makes for rapid production times without ever sacrificing quality. That kind of speed means you have an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on market responsiveness as a key differentiator. You’ll beat them there, and you’ll look good doing it.


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