Corrugated Print Methods

The BoxMaker offers flexographic and digital printing in-house for corrugated packaging. We can also procure litho-lamination through our manufacturing partner network. To learn more about the differences between litho-lamination and digital print, click here.

Your desired print method determines the number of colors you can print on corrugated boxes. The BoxMaker’s corrugated flexo presses can print up to 2 colors on your box in a single machine pass. Digital printing is a direct-to-substrate process that is capable of printing the full CMYK color spectrum on corrugated packaging in a single machine pass.

Spot colors are the only choice when printing on a 1- to 2-color flexo press. The BoxMaker operates two high-speed, high-capacity 2-color flexo presses, as well as an additional 1-color flexo press for large-format boxes (such as mattresses). All three of these presses require artwork built with spot colors.

As a part of our services, we provide a plain structural sample for form, fit, and function before production. Sample material may vary from production order due to readily available materials. Once you’ve reviewed your quote and place an order, your order may be eligible for a printed first article. Corrugated first articles are available for purchase. Contact one of our Packaging Advisors to learn more.

Cutting Dies

A custom die for corrugated (also known as a cutting die) works like a giant cookie cutter. Custom dies are used to rapidly convert a printed sheet of corrugated material into finished product (boxes or displays). Custom dies are used to convert mid- to high-volume orders.

Many factors contribute to the cost of a custom die, including the amount of steel rule used and how intricate your packaging design is. Prices typically range from $250 to $3,000.

To learn more about the steel die-cutting process, read our article.

Corrugated Materials

The most common flute sizes for corrugated packaging are B, C, and E. The BoxMaker also offers double-wall flute combinations for additional corrugated strength and durability. Our Packaging Advisors and award-winning Structural Design Team are trained to select the corrugated material that will perform best based on the specific needs of your packaging project.

The Edge Crush Test (ECT) and the Mullen Test are both methods of measuring the strength of a corrugated material. ECT measures the stacking strength of a particular corrugated grade by stacking multiple boxes on a pallet. The Mullen Test focuses on a single box’s ability to withstand rough handling. The BoxMaker can produce packaging to either ECT or Mullen specifications.

Digital Print Inks for Corrugated

The BoxMaker’s HP Scitex 15500 and 17000 presses use UV-curable inks. These inks need to be cured by being exposed to ultra-violet lights after printing onto the packaging substrate, via LED or mercury lamps. The curing process dries the ink and converts it into a durable polymer film.

The HP PageWide C500 Press uses True Water-Based Inks. These inks don’t require curing. Instead, they need adequate drying time during the production process in order for ink to adhere to the surface. A drying section is built into the press so that sheets come off the press dry.

True Water-Based Inks are 100% free of UV-reactive chemistries. Therefore they are nontoxic and food-safe for primary and secondary packaging applications.

To read more about the differences between UV-curable inks versus true water-based inks, click here.


Graphic and Structural Design

To submit your artwork file for product, visit our File Upload portal, fill out your information, and upload your compressed file.

Yes, The BoxMaker offers in-house structural design services for our clients. Our award-winning team can help you maximize protection, efficiency, and the visual impact of your packaging and displays. We leverage industry-leading 3D modeling/CAD systems and software specifically developed for the packaging sector to create full-scale prototypes and bring your packaging vision to life.

No, The BoxMaker does not offer in-house creative design services to develop the graphics for your packaging. We are happy to refer you to graphic designers with packaging design experience in our network. Please contact your Packaging Advisor for more information.

Corrugated Boxes

Yes. Contact your Packaging Advisor for current stock box sizes and pricing.

Corrugated boxes have both an interior and exterior set of dimensions. Unless stated otherwise by your packaging provider, the interior dimensions are the industry standard measurement used to determine the fit of the product that goes inside.

The size of a corrugated box includes Length, Width, and Depth (L x W x D). Length is the longest side of the box that has a flap. The width also has a flap, but this side is shorter than the length. The depth relates to the area between the top and bottom scores (creases in the box used to enable folding) that create the height of the box.

Learn more about how to measure a box here.

Fulfillment and Shipping

The BoxMaker provides fulfillment, kitting, and pack-out solutions to our clients. For more information on these services, click here.

The BoxMaker is not a GFSI certified facility.

We can ship out to both commercial and residential locations within our service region. However, you must notify us if you are shipping to a residence.

We have seven locations throughout the Pacific Northwest to serve clients in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. We maintain strategic partnerships to serve clients beyond this geographic region – please contact us for more information.

Custom Product Labels

If you can dream it, The BoxMaker can (likely) make it! We maintain an extensive library of label shapes, sizes, colors, ink varieties, and materials. We can always create a custom size and shape to fit your needs.

The cost of a label depends on the size of the label, material, desired print method, and order volume. For a custom label quote, please complete our Request a Quote form and a Packaging Advisor will be in touch.

A semi-permanent label uses a removable adhesive that provides a secure, temporary bond to the surface when applied. However, it can be easily removed without leaving behind a residue or damaging the surface.

There are several key differences between film labels and paper labels.  Film labels use film stock. As such, they offer durability, moisture, and UV resistance. Film labels are also able to conform to unique shapes and squeeze applications.

Paper labels use paper stock. While paper is versatile and economical, it’s generally only used for indoor or short lifespan applications. Paper labels are unable to withstand long-term exposure to moisture, heat, or UV.

All of the labels produced in-house by The BoxMaker are digitally printed on our HP Indigo WS6800 web press. This 7-color process digital press features on-press color calibration, variable data capabilities, and can print at a speed of 130 linear feet per minute. The Indigo also color matches up to 97% of the Pantone® color library.

As a part of our services, we provide a piece of raw material without varnish or laminate. Once you submit your purchase order and artwork, you will receive a PDF proof of your label artwork. Press proofs, which are printed samples without die-cut, are available for purchase. Contact one of our Packaging Advisors to learn more.


Inserts & Partitions for Corrugated Boxes

The BoxMaker can produce custom inserts using corrugated, foam, or paperboard materials.

We can create custom inserts out of a variety of materials, including foam and corrugated. Foam inserts are most commonly die-cut to the unique dimensions of your product. They add extra cushioning for product protection during transit and are often used for high-priced items, like jewelry and electronics.

Corrugated inserts are made of corrugated material. Similar to foam inserts, they are designed to fit inside the box and provide a protective space or partition to secure your product. Corrugated inserts offer the advantages of being easily recyclable and highly durable.

We do not offer stock partitions or inserts. Our partitions and inserts are custom-made to fit our corrugated boxes.


About The BoxMaker

We have seven locations throughout the Pacific Northwest to serve clients in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. We maintain strategic partnerships to serve clients beyond this geographic region or to refer you to – please contact us for more information.

Through Continuous Improvement, we educate and empower our coworkers to identify and prevent non-conformances, with a goal of zero defects. We promise to deliver effective solutions, which are precise and on-time consistently.

The BoxMaker’s minimum volume order requirements depend on the product that you are purchasing. Please contact your Packaging Advisor for specific minimum order quantity information.

We strive to get everything about your order correct the first time around. If you do receive a damaged or defective product, we will promptly send you a replacement or issue you a full refund after receiving the damaged or defective product. We do not charge any additional shipping or handling fees for replacement shipments.

Stock merchandise must be returned to our warehouse in 100% saleable condition to qualify for a refund and is subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. Custom products are not returnable. We accept returns within 30 days of receipt of goods.

To return an item, please contact the client service department at 800.443.5431 or contact your Packaging Advisor.

Our standard lead times are internally published and communicated to our clients through our customer service team. Please contact your Packaging Advisor for more information.

We accept checks, ACH, and credit cards. We do charge a 3% fee for using a credit card. Our online payment portal allows clients to make payments using a credit card (fee included) or by e-check free of charge.

To establish credit terms with The BoxMaker, request a Credit Application from your Packaging Advisor.

Our hours of operations are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We’ve been proudly serving the Pacific Northwest with custom packaging solutions since 1981.

The BoxMaker is a leading packaging manufacturer and innovator in the Pacific Northwest. With approximately 200 coworkers (and growing!), The BoxMaker is committed to providing integrated services and solutions that effectively solve our clients’ business needs. If you’re interested in joining our team, take a look at our careers page for more information or email us at careers(at)

The BoxMaker currently holds the following certifications:

  • Our digital print for corrugated plant is G7® Certified
  • We strive to source only SFI® Certified and FSC® Certified corrugated materials
  • PPC Certified
  • GMI Certified

You can request a quote by completing our Request a Quote form and a Packaging Advisor will be in touch within two business days.


For current clients, many stock products and supplies can be ordered through our online portal. For custom products and corrugated packaging, we do not currently offer online ordering. Please contact your Packaging Advisor to place an order.

For digitally printed custom boxes, product labels, and retail displays from standard structures, you may design and order online through our sister company,