Graphic Design for Packaging


Amber Jacobs – Visual Designer

Amber is a 10+ year graphic design pro. Her expertise includes logo, branding, print such as brochures, packaging, magazine ads, and trade show materials. She also delivers engagement driving digital for social, apps and all things web. Amber strives to be a one-stop-shop for all your company’s design strategy needs.

Amber Design, LLC


Otterburn & Co.

At Otterburn, we believe design shouldn’t be a luxury expense or afterthought for your business. Good design isn’t about just bells and whistles. It should be part of the big picture of your business. We exist to provide businesses the ability to make the leap from good to great. Our work with brands, both large and small, is praised for technical expertise, creative talents, and accelerating growth.



We are an Iowa-based branding and design company specialized in packaged food and beverage products. Our proven track record is centered around helping business owners and sales staff to maximize sales velocity per store. We do this by helping you define your market and target audience, perfecting your brand, packaging and sales materials, and understanding consumer behaviors.

Adam Feller, Creative Director/Owner of Avidity Creative


Structural Design for Packaging


The BoxMaker

The BoxMaker’s award-winning structural design team is ready to assist you with your packaging design needs. Current clients may contact their BoxMaker Sales Representative to discuss a new project. Not a client yet? Reach out to us via our Request for Quote form.