Why is Packaging Design Important?

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February 14, 2024
Why is Packaging Design Important?

What is Packaging Design?

Packaging design is the process of conceptualizing and planning a product's package, including its structure, functionality, and visual appearance. Packaging design takes into account the product’s primary package (which holds the product) as well as any secondary packaging such as the shipper box.

In today's fast-paced and fiercely competitive marketplace, packaging design is crucial to shaping consumer perceptions, influencing purchasing decisions, and making your product easy to use for the end recipient. More than simple aesthetics – packaging design is a vehicle for your brand, marketing efforts, sustainability goals, and operational efficiencies.

A good packaging designer will work with you to understand the intricacies of your business, how your products are packed and shipped, and who the audience is that you are trying to reach. The right packaging design can save a significant amount of money by reducing labor costs and increasing efficiencies. Layer on impactful graphics that promote your brand, and you’ve got a winning combination that will increase sales and decrease costs, maximizing your return on investment.

This article will explore the impact of packaging design from different angles, including product protection, brand identity, and impact to the environment.


The Role of Packaging Design

The best packaging protects your products, promotes your brand, and informs your audience. Packaging design plays a critical role in performing all three of these duties well. Packaging is viewed as an extension of the product, and consumers expect as much care and craft to go into its design as they do to the design of the product itself. A broken product is a broken promise.

Additionally, when it comes to retail, packaging that fails to attract its target audience and educate them about the product inside is not living up to its full potential. Great packaging design compliments and enhances your product and your brand by delivering on your commitment to your customers and fostering an authentic connection.

Hexpand Hot Sauce 800

Packaging design is more than just just looks. It's about function and form working seamlessly together to deliver value to both consumers and businesses.



Good Packaging Design Reduces Product Damage

The primary role of packaging is to protect products during transit. Additionally, one of the most impactful ways brands can decrease their impact on the environment is to reduce their damage rate. Packaging that is designed effectively significantly reduces the risk of product damage during the shipping and distribution process.

Packaging designers employ numerous strategies to minimize damage rates. By right-sizing boxes to eliminate unnecessary space, utilizing suspension or retention inserts to securely hold products in place, or incorporating extra protective elements like foam endcaps, designers create an efficient packaging structure that ensures the contents inside are well-protected.

Hexpand is a great example of a well-designed packaging solution that is perfect for protecting products of different shapes and sizes. Its patented weave design delivers a snug and secure protective wrap that holds the object firmly in place, protecting it from collision and minimizing the need for excessive cushioning materials.

Hexpand insert

The BoxMaker offers an array of protective packaging solutions such as custom foam and foam alternatives to meet the unique needs of any brand.


Good Packaging Design Promotes Your Brand and Markets Your Product

Packaging design plays a crucial role in brand recognition and differentiation. It creates memorable brand experiences, fosters customer loyalty, and influences purchasing decisions by tapping into consumer psychology. Colors, shapes, and materials evoke emotions and perceptions, making packaging design a powerful tool for brands to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Picture encountering a design with retro graphics and vintage fonts that evokes a sense of nostalgia, or a design that uses high-quality materials that evokes feelings of prestige and exclusivity. These profound emotional responses underscore the transformative potential of packaging design and its ability to foster deep connections with consumers.

The BoxMaker's digital printing capabilities enable the creation of vibrant, custom corrugated boxes and pressure-sensitive labels that help products stand out. Digital print offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to version control, change management, replenishment and inventory management. Discover more about our cutting-edge digital print technology here.

Beanbox subscription box 2Client: Bean Box


Good Packaging Design Considers the Environment

The importance of sustainable packaging has never been more pronounced. As environmental concerns grow, brands are seeking innovative ways to reduce their eco-footprint.

Packaging that is designed with sustainability in mind not only addresses these concerns but also enhances brand reputation and meets consumer expectations. From optimizing the size of a box to reduce material usage to leveraging eco-friendly materials, sustainable design principles are at the heart of forward-thinking packaging design solutions.


What Does Good Look Like? Packaging Design Case Studies

We’ve partnered with numerous brands to help elevate their packaging with the talents of our award-winning Structural Design team.

Discover how DOMA Coffee reduced their eco-footprint and saved money through streamlined pack-out operations, simply by switching from stock boxes to a custom design:


Also, check out how Andy by Anderson Hay differentiates themselves in the market with a strong brand and visual point of view on their small pet hay boxes:


Our Award-Winning Packaging Designers Are Here to Help

Packaging design goes beyond merely creating a container for a product. Thoughtful packaging design is crucial for business success, influencing brand value, consumer behavior, operational efficiency, and environmental impact.

Through innovative design and digital print solutions, our award-winning packaging designers are ready to partner with brands looking to make a lasting impression. If you’re trying to meet the evolving needs and preferences of modern-day consumers, contact us to get started.


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