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Demand for Extended Product Information is on the Rise
The rise in connected packaging has provided an entirely new information ecosystem – allowing insights into the supply chain, logistics, sales data, and product information that were never before possible. Today’s consumers expect to be able to engage with product packaging to learn more before they buy, and brands want to know more about the buying habits of customers once their product hits the retail shelf. Across the board, connected packaging satisfies multiple stakeholders by providing a much-needed information gateway.

Deliver More with Connected Packaging

77% of online shoppers use reviews to make a purchase decision.**

Connected Packaging Phone ScanImagine enhancing the consumer experience by serving up the exact information they seek while researching your product, without asking a shopper to part from your brand? With connected packaging, you can attach information such as customer reviews, health information, and more to your product – and deliver it through a branded app tied to your packaging, providing the consumer exactly what they need at the point of purchase.

In addition to providing consumers with extended information, connected packaging through imperceptible digital watermarking provides brand security through authenticity. By integrating a unique digital “fingerprint” onto each box or label, brands can track and trace product as it travels through the supply chain to the end user.


Unlock Consumer Data and Gain Key Insights

Connected packaging allows brands to unlock data traditionally held by retailers, and enables them to track consumer behavior down to the individual level. Incorporating these smart methods directly into packaging circumnavigates the retailer and allows companies to access key insights previously unavailable from a direct source.


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**Source: Interbrand Design Forum