HP Mosaic: What is It?

HP Mosaic is a print effect that leverages a single source file of “seed art” to create endless unique printing impressions for your boxes and labels.

Major brands including Nutella, Mondelez International, Coca-Cola, and many others are already taking advantage of this unique print technology to launch powerful packaging-driven marketing campaigns. However, Mosaic is not just for household names. Startups and growing brands can easily leverage Mosaic on their next packaging project by partnering with The BoxMaker.


HP Mosaic: How It Works

HP Mosaic combines, scales, transposes, and rotates base design patterns to create limitless unique variations of your packaging design within a designated area of your print file. Simply supply your base pattern file to The BoxMaker and our production design team will leverage HP’s SmartStream Designer software and digital print technology to generate as many iterations of your design as you desire.

Here we see a simple example of 9 unique labels to be printed, each featuring a variable background image pulled from the same source file:

HP Mosaic Print Example Labels

Once the base pattern is developed, the automated software handles all of the processing. Our creative team can work with you to set your desired parameters into the software, including identifying ideal rotation and scaling ranges for the best results based on your base pattern file.

HP Mosaic Pattern Example

Base Pattern Best Practices

For best results, base pattern designs should be complex, with a lot of detail and color. The more complex and colorful the original file, the better the results. Base pattern files should have a 1:1 ratio (square) and be a vector file format in the CMYK color profile.


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The BoxMaker offers a variety of label materials to give your product just the right look and feel.