Committed to Sustainable Packaging Practices

The BoxMaker is committed to using sustainable materials, manufacturing practices, and working with environmentally-conscious suppliers in our quest to deliver packaging products that effectively address your business needs. We proudly purchase materials and supplies from sustainable sources whenever possible, and work to improve our own impact on the planet through our continuous improvement program.


Our Corrugated Materials

Corrugated material is made predominantly from trees and is renewably sourced. It is the most recovered packaging material in use today. According to, 93% is recovered and recycled to make new boxes and other paper products.


All of The BoxMaker’s corrugated materials are sourced from SFI® Certified suppliers in North America. Whenever possible, we source from local mills with the highest available post-consumer recycled content (up to 65%). 100% recycled corrugated materials in select grades of kraft are available upon request.

You can help by recycling your corrugated packaging when you’re done with it!


Our Inks

Water-Based Inks

Our HP PageWide C500 Press uses water-based food compliant inks appropriate for both primary and secondary food packaging applications without the need for an additional barrier, which meets even the most stringent global food safety regulations including Nestlé guidance and Swiss Ordinance. The inks used in HP PageWide presses are fully recyclable.

With the exception of white and metallic inks, the inks we use for flexography printing are water-based and water-soluble, and do not use any heavy metals.

UV Inks

The inks used in our HP HDR presses as well as our HP Indigo labels press boast a leading compliance profile. HP HDR inks are UL Greenguard Gold Certified, one of the most stringent chemical emission standards in the world. These inks also meet AgBB Compliance standards, pass the EN 1230-1 ISO Referenced Odor Test, and are de-inkable and recyclable as certified by PTS Munich. It is important to note that these are UV inks and not suitable for all applications.

Ink Sustainability Digital Print


Foam and Protective Packaging

Foam Materials

Our polyethylene foam materials contain a minimum of 65% recycled content. The BoxMaker also offers plant-based foam solutions, including Green Cell® Foam made from corn and Restore® Mushroom Packaging made from feedstock and mycelium.

Foam Recycling

The BoxMaker participates in a foam recycling program. All of our foam material waste, including both polyethylene and polyurethane, ends up right back in the supply stream to be recycled or reground and reused. We have even set up programs with some of our clients to accept back their foam waste and recycle it on their behalf.


Our Manufacturing Practices and Plant

The BoxMaker is proud to operate our own manufacturing plant, allowing us to completely control the environment in which your packaging is produced. We warehouse almost all of our packaging materials on the manufacturing floor, eliminating truck transportation and reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, the energy-efficient lighting throughout our plant is controlled by motion sensor and only activates when activity is present. This results in saved electricity.

We operate one of the world’s leading manufacturing centers for digitally printed packaging and display. One of the benefits of digital print is the ability to produce in near exact order quantities. Waste is eliminated by avoiding the production of extra units. Additionally, quality is consistent from the first box to the last, meaning that materials are not wasted during machine setup and calibration.

100% of corrugated fall off (waste) in our plant is baled and recycled through the paper mill system.


Our People

Coworkers of The BoxMaker care deeply for the environment and the impact that we all have on the planet. Our team has organized several events over the years to help clean up the communities in which we do business.


Coworkers participate in a Green River Cleanup near our Kent, WA facility.