A Quick Assembly Solution: The Snap Lock RSC BOX

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May 25, 2017

Quick Assembly and Half the Tape!

What’s made of corrugated material, does not use tape to seal the bottom, and is known as the “1-2-3 closure?”

None other than the Snap Lock Bottom RSC Box!


Snap Lock RSC Box Benefits

This extraordinary box requires absolutely no tape on the bottom of the box, nor do you have to pre-glue it. The Snap Lock RSC is designed to fold up and seal itself. Its purpose is quick assembly and it uses half the tape of a standard RSC box.

Here's how it works:



  1. Fold the largest bottom panel first
  2. Fold the two end panels
  3. Fold the remaining bottom panel and apply pressure near the center. The flap “snaps” into the slot


Save Money, Time, and Labor

The Snap Lock Bottom RSC box takes less time to assemble than a standard RSC box – under five seconds. It’s a great option to streamline your assembly process, save money long-term by eliminating the cost of tape, and cut down on labor. 

What Products Are a Match?

If you’re looking to ship a light to moderate weight case-packs on a pallet for distribution, then a Snap Lock Bottom RSC box may be for you. These boxes are perfect for bulky yet lightweight products, such as baked goods, clothing and textiles, and other moderate items. If you are unsure if this box is a fit for your product, speak with a BoxMaker Packaging Advisor for more information.

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