Frustration-Free Packaging and the Consumer Experience

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October 5, 2017

Customer Experience Doesn’t End with the Sale

In a world where eCommerce has powered a fundamental shift in the way consumers interact with and purchase from your brand, the impact is not limited to the online experience alone. With online sales, e-commerce packaging plays a more important role than ever, often serving as the first physical touchpoint of your brand for a consumer. Shipping, unboxing, and packaging disposal are all key steps in the eCommerce buyer’s journey, and it’s worth making sure your packaging delivers. If it doesn’t, your brand reputation is at stake.



How eCommerce Retailers are Responding

Consumer opinion can be damaged by an ineffective or frustrating packaging experience, and the eCommerce retailers know it. Online shoppers are savvy, and quality plays a huge role in their satisfaction - there is simply too much choice in the marketplace for businesses to not compete on delivering a positive experience. As a result, major eCommerce retailer Amazon has introduced the frustration-free packaging initiative to eliminate “wrap rage.”


What is Frustration-Free Packaging?

Frustration-free packaging (FFP) is a term coined by Amazon to optimize product packaging for the eCommerce environment by implementing effective, easy-to-open solutions using recyclable materials. This initiative benefits the consumer as well as the manufacturer on several levels.


Benefits for Consumers and Brands

For the consumer, frustration-free packaging means a great shopping experience. This packaging is optimized to protect their purchase safely throughout the distribution and shipping cycle. Upon delivery, their product will be easy to remove from the box, and won’t come with any excess packaging. The materials that are used are all 100% recyclable, so disposal is a breeze. This allows the consumer to engage with their purchased product faster and removes the risk of a poor unboxing experience.

For the manufacturer, frustration-free packaging is a great way to scale your business on Amazon. The eCommerce giant rewards brands who invest in aligning their packaging to the frustration-free guidelines with increased visibility on the Amazon website and many other benefits. Adhering to the frustration-free packaging model simplifies and streamlines the manufacturer’s packaging supply chain by eliminating unnecessary materials, as well as potentially reducing cost. Additionally, because of its recyclability requirements, frustration-free packaging can improve a brand’s environmental profile and ultimately keep plastics and non-recyclables out of the landfill.

Frustration Free Packaging Amazon


How Do You Get Started?

Amazon provides detailed information on enrolling your product in the frustration-free packaging program on their website. You can work with our award-winning packaging designers to revise your current packaging to meet the frustration-free guidelines.

Amazon will require you to submit packaging samples to their program. Once the samples are reviewed and pass Amazon’s testing process, you will be provided your Amazon ASIN and you’re ready to go!


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