How to Stand Out On and Off Shelves with Connected Packaging

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August 18, 2023
How to Stand Out On and Off Shelves with Connected Packaging

Capturing the attention of customers has become increasingly difficult for brands. As the digital age continues to evolve, the world has transformed into an information-saturated landscape. With constant messaging flooding in from various sources—social media, emails, targeted advertisements—brands often struggle to reach and connect with their audiences, like trying to finding a needle in a haystack.

However, amidst these obstacles lies an opportunity for brands to rise above the noise and stand out from their competitors. Crafting a brand identity that resonates and fostering a meaningful connection that extends beyond the point of purchase have become the new standard. How to achieve this? Enter: Connected Packaging.

With the right approach, connected packaging can not only help your products and brand stand out on shelves but also keep that connection with your customers after they’ve made the purchase (this applies to e-commerce too!). To better understand the opportunities that connected packaging provides, we recently sat down with the Blue Bite team and explored effective strategies you can implement to help your brand stand out.

The Benefits and Possibilities of Connected Packaging

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Two beneficial features of connected packaging are 1) How it enhances customer engagement and 2) How easy it is to incorporate into your packaging displays.

Consider these facts:

  • 78% of most consumers already engage with brands in a range of ways but aren’t delighted with the experience.
  • 73% of consumers have a high usage of QR codes.
  • 57% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they’ve connected with the packaging.

These statistics indicate that there are significant opportunities for connected packaging to meet the needs of the consumer in a format they are already engaging with. By incorporating elements such as QR codes and augmented reality (AR) experiences, brands can offer consumers a multi-dimensional interaction. From watching videos showcasing product usage to accessing information about ingredients or sourcing, this engagement transforms a passive purchase into an immersive journey. Brands can leverage such solutions to delight the 78% of consumers who aren’t happy with the status quo.

While it may sound like a daunting task, incorporating connected solutions into consumer packaging is simple and easy with the Blue Bite platform. Because of the prevalent usage of QR codes in modern consumer behavior, target audiences have already adopted the technology that can be used as a gateway for brands to deliver engaging experiences that delight and inform.

Another key benefit of connected packaging is post-purchase relationship building. Connected packaging allows brands to maintain a connection even after the sale. From requesting feedback to providing usage tips and offering loyalty rewards, this ongoing interaction solidifies brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchases. More on this below.

Engaging Customers: Pre-Purchase vs Post-Purchase

Besides the obvious benefits, connected packaging also greatly impacts the pre-purchasing and post-purchasing phases, and each has its best practices.

There are 3 steps to a successful pre-purchase strategy:

1. Catch people’s attention – This is your time to stand out. Be bold and take risks to make people stop and check out your product. By blending beautiful design with connected solutions like QR codes and AR, you can surprise and captivate buyers with engaging videos, landing pages, quizzes, games, and more.

Stand out on and off shelves_Vita coco

Blue Bite’s case study example of Vita Coco’s connected packaging display. Watch the webinar to learn more.

2. Deliver the right message at the right time – What’s your story? What sets you apart from your competition? Convey that message in ways your target audience can resonate with. Make sure it’s clear, concise, and memorable.

3. Incentivize the purchase – When you have your customer’s attention, give them more reasons to buy your products. You can integrate exclusive offers, discounts, access to bonus content, testimonials, and more to influence their purchasing decision.

Now that that consumer has purchased your product, how do you keep their attention post-purchase? There are 3 steps to a successful post-purchase strategy:

Stand out on and off shelves_Laundry pods

1. Reason for re-engagement - Connected packaging can offer post-purchase rewards, like extended warranties or loyalty program invitations. This prompts the customer to revisit the packaging, rekindling their connection with the brand.

2. User-friendly experience - Whether it's accessing after-purchase content or registering for loyalty rewards, the process should be effortless. Make sure the connected solution redirects to a customized experience.

3. Add value – Take advantage of the post-purchase phase to add value beyond the physical product. You can offer tips, usage ideas, or even recycling instructions, solidifying your role as a trusted advisor in the customer’s life.

Learn More About Connected Packaging

Connected packaging isn’t just about promoting your brand. It is also a way for you to better understand your customers and delight them beyond your products. Above are just a few examples of connected packaging strategies that can impact your branding and help you engage and retain your customers.

To learn more and see how brands are executing these cutting-edge strategies, watch our webinar, “Stand Out On and Off Shelves with Connected Product Packaging” presented by Blue Bite:


When you are ready to apply connected solutions to your packaging and displays, our team of expert Packaging Advisors can help. Contact us to start today.


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