What You Need to Know About Co-Branded Packaging

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November 29, 2018

Capitalize on Recognition with Co-Branded Packaging 

In today’s competitive online and retail landscape, shoppers have more choices than ever before. As a result, brands are constantly challenged to find innovative ways to connect with consumers and stand out from the crowd. 

Co-branded packaging is a strategic union between two or more separate brands. By leveraging each other’s reputation, co-branded products offer a unique and enticing value to consumers — typically for a limited time. Both local and global brands utilize co-branding to promote a product, service, event, or cause under one cohesive brand experience.

Packaging design plays a key role in the co-branded experience. Both brands must be represented, and the packaging should reflect the enhanced product value to the consumer. The packaging often communicates if this is a limited time offer and other key details.

When done effectively, co-branded packaging can increase awareness, drive sales, and expand audience reach. Ideally, both brands benefit from co-branding in one way or another — whether through monetary gain or exposure. It’s a win-win!

Benefits of Co-Branded Packaging for Brands

Make no mistake: co-branding isn’t without its share of risks. If an incident or scandal occurs with one brand, the other may feel some heat by association. However, a successful partnership is possible when both brands share the same values and commitment to their customers.

For many brands, the immense opportunities that co-branding provides outweigh the risk. Here are a few key benefits to consider:

Benefit #1: Co-branding can create massive consumer demand

By creating a feeling of exclusivity and immediacy, limited-edition co-branded packaging can drive demand and hype among consumers (and the media!) In fact, consumer polls show that 25% of Americans purchase limited-edition items often, and 38% say that they buy limited-edition food products due to unique packaging.

Benefit #2: Be a part of the conversation

Co-branded packaging can increase product relevancy, with the potential to revitalize brands that may have fallen of consumers’ radar. 

Benefit #3: Appeal to a wider audience and increase accessibility

Since co-branded products appeal to consumers of both brands, this widens the target audience reached through marketing and promotional efforts.

Examples of Local & National Co-Branded Packaging Partnerships

Co-branding is not a new concept. Brands have been collaborating with one another and expressing these partnerships with packaging for decades. Here are examples of co-branded packaging in action: 

Pop Tarts and Dunkin Donuts

Image Source

There’s no denying that humans are emotional beings. As a result, consumers often choose brands that they are familiar with or that evoke their emotions when shopping down the aisles. By joining forces, Pop-Tarts and Dunkin’ Donuts debuted special-edition coffee-flavored pastry flavors to delight and connect with fans of both brands.

Covergirl and Star Wars

Image Source 

For decades, the Star Wars franchise has enthralled fans from around the world — spawning a galactic empire of films, television shows, merchandise, and more. In celebration and promotion of the film The Force Awakens, cosmetic brand CoverGirl released a limited-edition Star Wars-themed makeup collection, leveraging the global recognition of the Star Wars brand to drive sales.

Co-branding can be a great strategy to raise money and awareness for causes that align with a brand’s values. In 2017, 2 Towns Ciderhouse partnered with the Oregon Humane Society during the holiday season and donated a portion of sales towards the medical treatment of animals in need to prepare them for adoption.

2 Towns Cider - Forest

Limited-Edition Co-Branded Packaging Made Possible with Digital Print

Co-branded products are typically part of a short-term marketing promotion between two brands. This means that any packaging and print materials used in the campaign are relatively temporary. As a result, growing brands might be tempted to think the cost for entry into a co-branded venture is too high when it comes to purchasing plates and dies that will only be used a short while to produce packaging that represents both brands. 

With the ability to perform short and long runs, print in exact quantities, and manage variable graphics with ease, achieving co-branded packaging is easier than ever through the power of digital print. Local and global brands alike can now experiment with co-branding – without breaking the bank, and with quicker speed-to-market.

As a leading provider of digitally printed and finished packaging, we understand the limitless possibilities that co-branded packaging delivers. With guidance from our experienced Pacific Northwest packaging advisors, The BoxMaker can support your brand’s partnerships through beautiful, limited-run co-branded packaging.  

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